This warehouse management system is all that’s needed for optimal inventory control and tracking and DCI’s Opti-WMS serves operations of all sizes up to tens of millions of cases.

Other features include advanced reporting, forecasting, and item inquiry with audit features that automatically flags products with counts variances.  The system tracks and timestamps all stock quantities and locations including multiple-bin items, code dates by bin, transfers to and from bins and persons responsible (employee time tracking available with handheld or voice systems only).

In addition, cycle counting has never been easier.  Opti-WMS allows count by location, bin, product, pallet, tier (layer) and code date.  Simply scan bin, scan product, and enter pallet/tier/case/unit counts.  The system does the math and even has the Option of including the actual pallet.

Opti-WMS accommodates blind counts, shows values while counting, and forces recounts if variant. Multiple blind counting is easy as Opti-WMS will compare same-area counts from multiple employees against each other and show variance-only items to eliminate unnecessary recounts.  Opti-WMS also makes tracking merged counts easy with our unique sports tournament style bracketing display.

Final count comparison to stock with auto adjustments in ‘snapshot’ reporting allows specific historic period review of stock levels prior to adjustment.  Opti-WMS also creates daily snapshots of stock values and allows you to see all stock transactions to the invoice and item level.  Pull up a sold count for any period, open or closed, and see all invoices that made up that sold quantity by date, invoice, and product.  The distribution button feature breaks down sold quantity into SOLD and PICKUP quantities for even further evaluation.

The system will calculate current stock versus transaction record variances and red flag for investigation.  After settlement, if variances persist, Opti-WMS’s settlement inventory report will display driver call in loading, check-out/check-in records and variances after settlement in one report. No need to run 4 reports and call 5 people to investigate.  Simply run the report and begin investigation immediately.

With the same ease of use of all DCI Opti modules, specified users can simply turn functions off and on as needed.  Opti-WMS adapts to YOUR warehouse procedures, not the other way around.  Don’t change the way you do business to get new software!

Advanced features include:
Unlimited warehouses
Unlimited store rooms
Code date tracking
Auto-fulfillment for restocking bins
Auto work orders

Opti-WMS’s handheld applications expedite:
Truck check-out
Truck check-in
Plus more!