Opti-Telematics allows you to track all route activity from planned, live, and actual with playback showing customers and visits on a map, giving you greater cost control of your fleet. With Geo-fencing and electronic notifications, you will be alerted when an employee goes off route or is late and even notify customers of late deliveries. In many cases Opti-Telematics may lower your insurance rates.

  • ELD System
  • DOT Pre-trip
  • DOT Post-trip
  • Unlimited User Defined Surveys
  • EBOL Electronic Bill-of-Lading
  • Electronic Customer Notification on Estimated/Changed Delivery Times
  • Full EDI Integration
  • Turn-by-Turn Mapping
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Electronic Theft Deterrent
  • Delivery Cost Reports and Off Day/Frequent Delivery Costs