Opti-Route Logistics

Opti-Route is Logistics at its best!

DCI uses predictive algorithms to determine patterns in logistics and create plans according to those changing patterns without then need for human intervention. Our Opti-Route Logistics integrates seamlessly with our Opti-Telematics system and has exports for other telematics systems as well.

Data Consultants Inc Opti-Route-Map

  • Hands down the best routing solution available
  • Predicts and routes based on history
  • Optimizes routes based on your needs (Time, Mileage, Cost)
  • Mapping integration is live no more outdated maps
  • Opti-Telematics look-ups and calculations are second to none
  • Street level integration with Google Maps
  • Opti-Telematics tracking shows current fleet and replay routes at a later date
  • Keeps track of your fleet utilization and costs


Data Consultants Inc Opti-Route

Data Consultants Inc Opti-Route Maintenance