Opti-Route Accounting

DCI has over 40 plus years providing the most robust Route Accounting software available to the beverage distribution industry. Opti RAS is a fully integrated, enterprise-level system that includes:

  • Real-time presale
  • Mobile sale and direct store delivery
  • Inventory management
  • Route reconciliation and settlement
  • Financial accounting

Additionally, we provide Route Accounting software to many other distribution mediums as well.

Our comprehensive Opti-Route Accounting software can be either cloud based or in-house and integrates seamlessly with our warehouse management system (Opti-WMS) and our other Opti modules to provide live real-time dashboards, information and operational visibility. Our solutions give you a leading edge on your business.

Using our other Opti modules, Opti-RAS can also integrate with supplier systems such as BudNet, Mobility, UPS Logistics, EDI and many other interfaces.