DCI’s Opti-Reporting is an easy-to-use, comprehensive collection of all reports needed to manage your company in the areas of sales, operations, and management.  An intuitive interface with single page layout eliminates flipping back and forth between screens and memorizing keystrokes.  Opti-Reporting is so simple that it takes longer to call staff to process a report then just running it yourself.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Produce reports on customers, products and routes with on-the-fly or saved formats.
  • Compare previous and current dates to spot sales trends and monitor sales by actual or assigned sales persons.
  • Organize sales data by choice of unlimited categories.
  • Format reports with up to 10 subtotal levels, with page breaks.
  • Customize report labels and view on-screen or print out.
  • Automatically create and store reports in Excel format to personal directories.
  • Save frequently run reports with predefined options to your Report Selection Page.
  • Instantly run recurring reports from your Report Selection Page (dates auto increment).
  • Share stored reports with defined access groups.

Reports include:

Distribution Report
Item on Invoice
Out of Stock
Out of Stock Available to Fill
Customer Audit
Customer Selectable Fields
Customer Mailing Labels
Customer Merger Letters
Costing Report
Item Audit
Item Selectable Field Report
AR Audit
AR Report
AR Detail Report
Price Analysis
On Truck Comparison
Open Order/Invoice
Inventory Flow
Inventory Forecasting with 24 Month Trend
Physical Inventory Detail (cycle and inventory count reconciliation)
Purchase Order Report
Customer Dual Ranking Report
Item Ranking Report
Daily Trended Report
Monthly Trended Report
Buy / Non Buy
Product Placement
Future Price Book Creation
Automated Price List Distribution
Commissions Report
Advance Routing Report
Missing Customers from Routes
Quota Building
Sales By Date
Daily Sales
Route Manifest
Points for Performance
Salesperson Time Tracking
Warehouse Load Statistics
Pickup Report
Price Override Report
Term Code Change Report
Sales and Profit Report
Allowance Tracking
Inventory Adjustment
Picking Accuracy
Picking Speed
Future Price Book Report (validates margins before live dates)

Above are just a few of the reports available in Opti-Reporting with some pulling information from both sales and inventory systems. Auditing reports check that each group is performing assigned tasks and has correctly followed through on procedures. Opti-Reporting utilizes a variable tier audit process where supervisors review employees, managers review supervisors, and ownership or senior management reviews managers, leaving minimal margin for error or non-compliance.

DCI’s informal reviews of the beverage industry reveal that 80-90% of sales are derived from order taking rather than selling.  Opti-Reporting and other tools were developed to help managers quickly identify unproductive sales activity and focus on opportunities that increase shelf space and new product placement.

Utilizing Opti-Reporting will also give time back to your organization to perform more sales and/or service functions.  Within six months your team will have saved the entire price of the module (including training) from time gained with the elimination of most, if not all, manual reports currently generated in your organization.

The management reports were designed to provide immediate performance results to quickly identify teams needing help or procedures that need modification.  In many cases problems are too complex to see using traditional reports.  DCI’s Opti-Reporting compares information quickly and identifies problems using exception levels, rather than forcing you to search through thousands of lines of data.  By simply setting acceptable levels and excluding those from reports, managers gain a quick way of researching and notifying their teams of issues to resolve. Why wait until the end of the week or month to spot problems?  Use Opti-Reporting today to get results now!