Are you missing opportunities because the sales teams are moving the easy items rather than promoting all products according to a plan?

Does sales administration spend too much time manually creating quota tracking sheets?

Do quota sheets have the detailed information your sales team needs to meet goals?

If not, Opti-Quota will help your sales team produce!

Setting up sales quotas has never been easier. Imagine setting up different quotas based on item segment and route segment for the entire company in less than 15 minutes.  With Opti-Quota setting up simple quotas based on trended or percentage-plus/minus growth is a snap.

Setup baseline quotas by:

  • Product, customer, and route segment
  • Multiple trend date ranges
  • Quota type based on cases or case equivalents, net, gross, etc.
  • Percentage growth +/-

Opti-Quota uses the baseline quotas to generate quantities for individual routes by trended growth using defined percentages, down to the product level.  Quotas can be created for every level and segment: by day/week/month, by route/customer.  Over/under percentages and amounts needed by day to hit goal are also generated.

Once quotas have been created from baseline, use advanced Options to adjust specific quotas:

  • Edit quotas by product
  • Adjust specific quotas for route, month, or day, etc.
  • Use the Adjust Tool to customize the entire amount for specific goals

To generate reports:

  • Simply go to the Opti-report Sales by Date
  • Enter the period you want to see
  • Enter the quota you wish to see
  • Name it
  • Run it (Also creates a separate excel spreadsheets for download to sales handhelds with capability)

For the ultimate experience, use our commission and points-for-performance systems to tie it all together.  Set commissions based on a percentage of quota reached, pay less for percentages obtained below target and/or require specific new distribution or placement points to gain 100% commissions.  Designed for ease of use, Opti-Quota makes complex quota and commission strategies simple.

Stop missing sales growth opportunities and call DCI today!