Imagine having one system that accurately palletizes, automates and monitors loading AND can track workload productivity all without months of configuration.  DCI introduces Opti-Load, the solution for all palletizing needs.  DCI worked with customers to create a system that uses rules and requirements from the beverage industry rather than that of general package/box distribution. Opti-Load is a highly configurable complete workforce management suite that easily accommodates your unique needs.

Features Include:

  • Opti-Route module with Logistics and Fleet Tracking
  • Bay Configuration
  • Loading Preference
  • Priority Picking
  • Selling by Specific Quantities
  • Level Tiers
  • Priority Allocation
  • Weight Distribution
  • Pallet Configuration by Package Types
  • Order of Change Based on Highest Quantity

Opti-Load’s feature list grows daily and we continue to make this the best system on the market for pick/loading management.  In addition to the features shown above, use Opti-Load to bulk pick, loose pick and combination pick, by cart/pallet/ loose bay/combination loose bay, by truck and by quantity.  Use its Management Console to monitor workflow and track orders from validation of receipt from sales teams through the final load into specific bays.

Opti-Load produces pick sheets with scan codes that can be used for manual picking, handheld picking, voice picking and combinations thereof.  It includes validation tracking, timing of each pick ticket by pallet or by truck.  Opti-Load can show cases picked by hour, by employee, along with company averages.  Also available is advanced automation integration for control of motorized conveyors, pick-to-light (LED), robotic picking, and other solutions such as Vertique.

All features are tied together allowing warehouse managers to review completed work as well as work to be done for given delivery dates.  This system, if used in conjunction with other Opti modules, will eliminate mis-picks entirely from your operation. Opti-Load has the power you need to take back loading control without spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

The Opti-Load Challenge:
With 15 minutes of training and proper warehouse layout, Opti-Load can empower an entry-level employee with 80% accurate picking speeds.  If this sounds too good to be true, we invite your challenge to put us to the test today!